A team of specialists from Australia and the United States has identified a new autoinflammatory condition in humans. They also understand what causes it, which can help researchers find an adequate treatment. Researchers have identified a new autoinflammatory condition, which they have named CRIA syndrome. Autoimmune conditions occur when the body’s immune response becomes abnormally activated. When this happens, it turns against healthy cells instead of just reacting to potentially harmful agents, such as viruses or dangerous bacteria, as it should. Recurrent fevers with unclear causes and widespread inflammation characterize such conditions. While they are not widespread, doctors often find autoinflammatory conditions challenging to diagnose. This is problematic, as these conditions can severely impact a person’s well-being and quality of life. So far, researchers have identified only a handful of autoinflammatory conditions . They include familial Mediterranean fever , cryopyrin-associated periodic fever syndrome , Still’s disease , and periodic […]