Prohab was started by physiotherapist and sports scientist Lyndon Huf in South Australia late in 2016. He designed a device that can be attached to elastic resistance bands, commonly used for sports training and rehabilitation, to measure performance and to ensure exercises are being performed within the advised parameters. Connected via a smartphone app, results can be instantly shared via a “team dashboard” with coaches and health professionals anywhere. Huf said winning a 2019 Good Design Award, Australia’s peak international design award, signalled “international recognition” for the product and validated the company’s next phase of retailing the device overseas. “The key target market is the United States, which will happen in the next 12 to 18 months, but Japan and Europe are other markets we’re interested in as well,” Huf said. “We want to get it into the mass market and treat lots of people.” Prohab targets rehab patients […]