Sarcopenia is defined by a loss of muscle mass and strength, usually associated with ageing. But it can be treated. Photo: Getty As we grow older, the size and strength of our muscles progressively deteriorates. This can affect our capacity to perform everyday activities like standing up from a chair, climbing stairs or carrying groceries. For some people, muscle wasting becomes more severe, leading to falls, frailty, immobility and a loss of autonomy. People who experience a marked loss in their muscle mass, strength and function may be suffering from a major but poorly recognised muscle-wasting condition called sarcopenia . Sarcopenia is to our muscles what osteoporosis is to our bones. Sarcopenia is now recognised as a disease after being added to Australia’s formal list of diseases, called the ( ICD-10-AM ). Given the condition may affect almost one-third of older adults in the community, it’s high time its […]