News SA Health failed to meet its financial targets for 2018–19, estimating a $95 million overspend that will place the state into further debt. South Australia’s allocated health budget for 2019–20 offers little investment for primary care. The additional $95 million means SA Health overspent its original 2018–19 budget allocation by a reported $238 million . The South Australian government announced $537 million in new spending for the health system, allocating an extra $1.8 billion over the forward estimates since last year’s election. ‘Last year’s budget outlined a revised financial framework for the health portfolio, setting a more sustainable objective of delivering services at national average efficiency levels by 2021–22,’ South Australian Treasurer Rob Lucas said in his budget address. Despite the estimated $95 million health expenditure debt, Treasurer Lucas confirmed that the government ‘remains committed to all the reforms outlined in last year’s budget and has taken significant […]