Alexander Strande, a “significant risk to the health and safety of the public,” claimed he could cure cancer. Photo: Facebook Two naturopaths who peddled dodgy cancer “cures” – and were on the same day banned for life from providing health services – continue to trawl for business via Facebook and other social media outlets. The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) found that Barbara O’Neill – health director of the Misty Mountains Health Retreat in the quaint hill town of Bellbrook (population 273) – claimed cancer was a fungus that could be treated with bicarbonate soda. For at least 15 years, Ms O’Neill provided services as a naturopath, nutritionist and health educator — and yet the commission found her to be unqualified in any of these disciplines. She years ago worked as a psychiatric nurse. Regardless, Ms O’Neill, has a huge online fan base. Her YouTube lectures have been […]