The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) has released its vision for developing the Australian hospital pharmacy workforce and a new Standard of Practice for hospital pharmacy technicians. In his opening at Medicines Management 2019 (MM2019), the 45th SHPA National Conference, SHPA President Peter Fowler unveiled Advancing Australia’s Pharmacy Workforce — SHPA’s bold vision for realising an advanced pharmacy profession, delivering quality use of medicines and benefiting all Australians. “This manifesto ties together years of planning, showing through two concepts how SHPA supports members in their everyday work while fostering a broader healthcare environment in which every pharmacist can maximise their impact on patient care,” Fowler said. “In the first, SHPA’s Practitioner Development Pathway connects our cornerstone initiatives and programs, showing how SHPA supports growth in a pharmacist’s skill, expertise and experience, connecting ambition and opportunity as they advance their practice. “In the second, SHPA’s six Pharmacy Innovation […]