Data, Technology and Sociology in the Age of Digital Health Keynote speaker: Professor Alan Peterson, Monash University Keynote workshop: Professor Deborah Lupton, UNSW Sydney As digital health technologies (e.g., My Health Record) have become increasingly rooted in the practices and organisation of health and care in Australian society, understanding the role of the digital has become of growing importance to health sociology. Much of the discussion in medical and health promotion rhetoric surrounding digital health has focused on its promise and benefits for citizens, healthcare systems and society (e.g., by increasing efficiencies, precision, and ‘user engagement’ in healthcare). Sociologists have drawn attention to issues around data misuse, privacy, and new forms of surveillance (e.g., selling patient information to insurance companies). Sociological approaches to digital health technologies and innovation provide a critical contribution to thinking about the use of digital health technologies, and their impacts, across different groups and health/care […]