Most of us take paracetamol every now and again to reduce pain or fever. As far as medications go, it’s one we’re unlikely to associate with harm. But in a study published today in the Medical Journal of Australia, my colleagues and I reveal a concerning increase in paracetamol poisonings, and resulting liver damage, in Australia over the last decade. In fact, paracetamol is actually the number one pharmaceutical Australian poisons centres receive calls about. Paracetamol is safe if used appropriately, at a maximum of four grams per day in adults (equivalent to eight 500mg tablets, or six 665mg modified release tablets). However when this dose is exceeded, there is a potential for harm. And the bigger the dose, the greater the risk. It’s time to consider restrictions, including reducing pack sizes and changing the way paracetamol is sold. OUR STUDY We analysed data from national hospital admissions, poisons […]