This isn’t the first time NIB CEO Mark Fitzgibbon has called for Medicare to be scrapped. The NIB chief executive is at it again, grabbing headlines with his desire to scrap Medicare – which would coincidentally mean his company and other private health insurers would become much bigger and his already-fat salary would skyrocket. There’s nothing new in Mark Fitzgibbon talking NIB’s own book. He was doing it two years ago, wanting a return to pre-Medicare percentages of private health insurance. And, no doubt, he’ll keep doing it as Australia’s present unsustainable two-class health care system totters towards a crisis, as private health insurance coverage continues to shrink. Political reality after the effectiveness of the 2016 “Mediscare” campaign means the Morrison government immediately and totally disavowed dismantling Medicare. But the growing problem of preserving the private health insurers – the sheltered workshop of Australian capitalism – is not going […]