AirTree investor Jackie Vullinghs. Source: supplied. As investors, we look for waves of change that startups can ride. Because when the world changes and startups are early to a new, fast-growing market, they will be pulled by customer demand. Within healthcare there is a tsunami approaching, emerging from the convergence of three interrelated trends: ageing populations, chronic disease and rising costs. The statistics tell the story. The number of over-85s in Australia is +125% since 1998. By 2050, this number will be up another 350% as baby boomers hit retirement. Over-85s consume three times as much healthcare per person as those 65–74, and twice as much as those 75–84. How many people do you know with diabetes? Or high blood pressure? Cancer? Over 47% of Australians have one or more chronic conditions and this matters because chronic disease accounts for 37% of all hospitalisations, the most expensive way to […]