Molecular nutritionist Dr Emma Beckett recently posted a photo of herself on Twitter wearing a bright cotton dress emblazoned with a bold, cartoonish vegetable print. “I’ve been told I need to dress more sensibly if I want to engage with industry,” the scientist from the University of Newcastle tweeted. “We have an industry mixer on campus this afternoon … So I’m wearing this, because what’s more sensible than VEGETABLES!” Dr Emma Beckett in the dress the launched a tweetstorm about women being able to dress how they wish at work (and still be taken seriously).Credit:Simon McCarthy/Newcastle Herald The tweet went viral within minutes, attracting almost 7000 likes. It was retweeted more than 200 times. Meanwhile, the 35-year-old was inundated with hundreds of messages supporting her decision to thumb her nose at the idea she should consider dressing more sensibly if she wants to be taken more seriously by industry. […]