An Australian start-up will soon be offering medical video conferences to people around the country and has its eyes set on the US market next. Coviu has been selected to be the teleconference provider for Healthdirect, the government-funded national health call centre network. The company’s chief executive Dr Silvia Pfeiffer says it will be an amazing feeling to be able to reach those living in regional parts of the country. Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, CEO and co-founder of Coviu. "We have people living in remote areas who travel for days to get to a hospital appointment," Dr Pfeiffer says. "The world is changing people are getting used to talking to their families via video via Skype and Facetime all these technologies have changed our society." The technology works by connecting people who can’t get to hospital appointments with medical professionals. Dr Pfeiffer gives the example of a person who has […]