In the early hours of Saturday morning, New Zealand paramedic Brendan Peat transported a gravely ill patient to Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital. A victim of measles. Another one. Watch the video above on the recent measles warning for Sydney Still gowned up to protect himself from the potentially deadly disease, he scrawled his public health message on a sheet of cardboard and a co-worker snapped his picture. Peat posted the photo on his Facebook page and within 48 hours, his ‘please vaccinate’ message had gone viral. He wishes it was the only thing going viral in New Zealand. In a country of just 4.8 million people, 635 cases of measles have been reported so far this year. Compare that to Australia, population 25 million, with 150 reported cases in 2019 to date. And health authorities are worried here about the outbreak. Watch the videographic explaining how vaccinations work here: Videographic […]