Photo: IVF access made easier under Vic reforms It cost thousands of dollars for Melbourne woman Rachael McConaghie to become a mum and she wants the emotional journey to starting a family to be easier for others. She welcomed the Victorian government’s promise to publicly fund fertility treatments like IVF , as well as considering opening a public egg and sperm bank. "It’s got to be accessible to as many people as possible," Ms McConaghie said on Wednesday. "Just because you have trouble with fertility it shouldn’t mean lots (taken out of) your bank." Thanks to fertility treatments Ms McConaghie is the proud mum of three-and-a-half year old Alec and 17-month-old Alara. But the amount of regulation and financial burden imposed on would-be parents was a challenge, she said. "You’re trying to concentrate on making a baby and there’s lots of hoops you have to jump through." A report […]