The Australian Patient Association greatly appreciates the valued work and assistance of volunteers.

Volunteers are always being sought to contribute to the important work of the Australian Patient Association. Volunteers are encouraged to contribute in areas of personal expertise and interest.

The following volunteers are being sought:

If you wish to learn more about volunteering contact us.

Communication / Research Assistant

The Australian Patients Association is the voice of and for patients. Our role is to get important messages to the public about the needs and issues facing Australian patients and the improvements required. Giving voice to Australian patient’s and providing knowledge for patient empowerment and are key APA objective.

Volunteers are welcome to assist with the following activities:

  • Assist to receive, collate and understand the patient’s voice.
  • Research, collate and post informative content for the APA web site.
  • Undertake funded Social Media activities.
  • Produce content for publication in APA’s “The Patients Voice” newsletter.
  • Produce and provide information to the APA’s membership database.
  • Assist with policy and campaign development.
  • Prepare campaign research and lobbying materials.
  • Develop submissions to organisation, peak bodies, commissions, policy makers and government.
  • Undertake public campaigns and lobbying activities.
  • Contact and liaise with organisations, corporations and government.
  • Act as an APA advocate and spokesperson on specific topics.

If you wish to learn more about Communication and Research volunteering contact us.

APA Help Line

Volunteers to assist the APA Help Line are always needed. The Help Line is constantly receiving enquiries about patient issues and needs. Caring, compassionate and patient listeners are required.

The APA acts primarily act as a signpost organisation which provides direction by pointing the caller in the best and most appropriate direction.

The APA is not in a position to support individual cases.

If you wish to learn more about Help Line volunteering contact us.