"I call it the Camberwell Carrot because it looks like a carrot and I invented it in Camberwell." Whitnail and I (1987), Handmade Films share It’s been another interesting week in the realm of Australian cannabis regulation. For starters, the ACT legislature’s recent decision to legalise marijuana possession (up to a maximum of 50 grams) continued to grab some headlines. Senior members of the federal government have since been vocal in their concerns about the bill, and indicated they may propose new laws to overturn it. In the meantime, documents obtained by The Weekend Australian showed that a briefing paper landed on the desk of federal health minister Greg Hunt last week. The report summarises research from the US and Canada which links daily use of cannabis with increased occurrences of psychotic disorders. And moving to cannabis oils — which have been legalised for limited consumption in Australia, although […]