Kitty Forman accidently ate pot-laced brownies in That 70s Show. Pic: Carsey-Werner Company. share As the world learns tasty cannabis edibles might not be the safest of munchies, Australian investors have served up 19 small cap cannabis stocks as gainers on the ASX. Cannabis edibles are legal in some US states and Canada and just one product line in an emerging worldwide medicinal cannabis industry. But Canadian experts warned in the Canadian Medical Association Journal this week that cannabis munchies can still be risky compared to an everyday whiff. “Although edibles are commonly viewed as a safer and more desirable alternative to smoked or vaped cannabis, physicians and the public should be aware of several risks related to the use of cannabis edibles,” University of Toronto doctors Jasleen Grewal and Lawrence Loh warned. The Ontario-based experts were concerned about potential risks to kids and seniors if they inadvertently picked […]