Every year a new batch of diets become trendy. In the past, the blood group , ketogenic , Pioppi and gluten-free diets were among the most popular. These have made way for the mono diet, charcoal detox, Noom, time-restricted feeding and Fast800. So what are these new diets and is there any scientific evidence to support them? This is what the experts think about the current crop of buzzy diets. Credit:Shutterstock 1. Mono diet The monotrophic or mono diet limits food intake to just one food group such as meat or fruit, or one individual food like potato or chicken, each day. The mono diet has no scientific basis and no research has been done on it. It’s definitely a fad and should not be followed. It leads to weight loss because your food intake is so limited (one food per day) that you get sick of that food […]