What we can do to help aggrieved patients:

  • We listen to patients’ problems
  • We care for patients
  • We support patients
  • We educate and inform patients
  • We advise patients of their rights
  • We offer free legal advice or consultation via law firms
  • We may be able to provide patient advocacy to attend meetings
  • We may offer alternative advice, possible solutions or a second opinion
  • We provide members with a comprehensive (self-help) Members Handbook
  • We can be your VOICE and raise your concerns in the media or amongst our members and extensive network
  • We can refer matters to the Health Complaints Commission (HCC) or the Department of Health or with politicians and Ministers

What we can’t do to help aggrieved patients:

  • We can’t offer medical or clinical advice
  • We can’t direct hospitals what to do
  • We can’t tell doctors and other healthcare professionals what to do
  • We are not medically trained staff
  • We have NO statutory powers
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