Photo: Rob Dickson honed his remote-area medical skills in Antarctica. (Supplied: Rob Dickson) Rob Dickson is loving the challenge of working as a GP in the remote Tasmanian town of Queenstown. Known for its high rainfall and freezing winters, sometimes the local roads are closed by snow and ice isolating, the old mining town from the rest of the world. It’s a world away from his previous gig in Antarctica, but Dr Dickson says there are plenty of similarities. "Obviously Antarctica is very geographically remote, but to be honest there’s times especially when the rain and hail are coming down at 3:00am that it feels far more remote here in Queenstown than it ever did in Antarctica," he said. Dr Dickson was the only doctor on Casey Station and looked after 100 expeditioners on the frozen continent for three-and-a-half months. Photo: In Antarctica everyone multi-tasks and even doctors become […]