Kevin James is strictly opposed to recreational cannabis consumption and admits to once having long-standing doubts over medical marijuana being used as a chronic pain treatment. So why does the 55-year-old now describe himself as a "leading medicinal cannabis advocate" who is calling on "the government to relax its overregulation" of the alternative treatment? "I have a degenerative lower back disorder that causes nerve pain and osteoarthritis pain," he told Kevin James never smoked weed illegally and had reservations about its use as a treatment for pain. (Supplied) Mr James was diagnosed with facet disease in 2009 – a disorder that forced him to stop working as an occupational nurse and eventually left him bedridden in constant agony. Doctors prescribed him slow-release opiates to deal with the crippling condition, but he was hesitant to rely on a drug he felt had troubling side effects. Desperate for a long-term […]