News Tony Moorhead can now keep his iron overload condition under control by donating blood. ‘I’m a male who tends not to go to the doctor and doesn’t complain. So it’s partly my fault. But I didn’t realise it was a problem at the time.’ Twenty-five years ago, Queenslander Tony Moorhead started feeling unusually tired. He felt more and more fatigued over the next couple of years. ‘It started off and I didn’t think anything about it. But after three years, it became quite serious,’ he told newsGP . ‘I started thinking, I can’t be bothered going into work. I’d hang out a load of washing and have to sit down for a rest. ‘People around me noticed it more than me. One day, I thought I have to go home from work or I’d fall asleep at my desk.’ Mr Moorhead’s then-partner convinced him to see a GP. […]