I know about pain. I have endometriosis, I’ve had a broken back and have been run over by a train. If anybody knows what ten is on the 1 to 10 pain scale, it’s me! But the pain of broken bones and torn ligaments heal and I felt better quickly. The pain of endometriosis is nothing like that. This ache, this always-present gnawing, is the pain that makes me feel bad. No painkiller puts me in a happy mood with this pain. No bliss overcomes me. No drug can stop the nausea once it arrives. Only stillness helps. But stillness is so hard. I’ve felt ten, and I can tell you, this pain is worse. Research substantiates there is a difference between how the genders experience pain.Credit:Alamy Women outnumber men when it comes to chronic pain. There’s a two-to-sixfold greater prevalence and greater intensity of chronic pain syndromes in […]