News The air pollution in Canberra resulting from bushfires was measured as the worst in the world. (Image: AAP) The ferocity of the 2019–20 bushfire season has been unprecedented, causing deleterious impacts on air quality in a number of Australian communities, including dense population centres such as Sydney and Melbourne . Smoke has drifted as far afield as New Zealand, where it has turned glaciers brown . Earlier this week, Canberra recorded the worst air quality in the world with an air quality index reading of 2843 (200 is considered hazardous) due to bushfire smoke drifting from the east and west of the territory. A few days before these extraordinary readings, an older woman died after going into respiratory distress as she disembarked from a plane in the territory’s capital. Canberra resident Howard Maclean posted on Facebook about the experience of living in a city experiencing such extremely poor […]